Marriage Events

Wedding is a time to rejoice and to make memories for a lifetime. There is indeed a lot of planning involved behind a joyful and amazing wedding party. Hiring the right caterers is one of the pivotal tasks in the to-do list of the wedding planners. We at Deepak Gupta Events have been providing catering services in and around Delhi for over 15 years and have gained expertise and customer satisfaction along the way. We specialize in things more than one and customer satisfaction is our aim that we achieve in every way possible. We promise to make your special day even more special and unforgettable.

At Green Deepak Gupta Events, we totally understand the implication and essence of all the purposes related to Indian weddings and take arrogance in organizing each one to excellence in a manner that will permission your guests totally content and elated.

Marriage Events Services in delhi come into the scene the instant the date is fixed. First, there will be communicating sessions with you and your family on plans and finances. After a few sessions, we will bring you choices under various heads like venue, lighting, entertainment, photography and videography.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me : +91-9999655149 / +91-9953791376